Japanese Style Rice Bowl


Japanese Inspired Rice Bowl With many Different Seasoning and Top With Various Chef Choice Vegetables

Oyako-Don / 10

Marinated Grill Chicken Breast.

Ribeye-Don / 14

Teriyaki Pan-Seared Ribeye Steak.

Katsu-Don / 10

Marinated Panko Crusted Pork Cutlet Or Chicken Breast.




Sukiyaki-Don / 14

Marinated Thin Sliced Ribeye Beef Sautée With Julienne Onions.

Unagi-Don / 14

Broiled Japanese Style Eel With Sweet & Savory Shoyu.

Miso Salmon-Don / 14

Miso Marinated Salmon Grilled To Perfection.

Chashu-Don / 14

Japanese Style Braised Pork Belly.

Soboro-Don / 10

Fine Chopped Chicken & Pork With Scramble Sweet Egg.

Kiddy-Don / 6

Poppin Chicken, Crab Harumaki, Egg, and Edamame.



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